Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Another rainy day ahead, the little bit of sky visible from my bed a grim grey, the wind howling dismally around the corners of our home.  August was at the best of times challenge for me - my batteries run on sun power.  It was no longer the best of times and I wondered how I would stay positive in this weather.

As the rain pelted down causing rivers to flood their banks and homes, a facebook friend asked if someone knows the dimensions of the ark - she apparently has a handy husband.  This made me think of how I would stay 'afloat' on this grim day.  No one was likely to come out in this weather for a visit to cheer me up.  I needed to dig deep and change my attitude. 

Our thinking can be so powerful and negative thoughts would defeat me. An attitude of gratitude had to be foremost in my mind. Everyone without exception has something to be grateful for. Although everything in my life is not perfect and I daily battle with the pains and degeneration of MSA, I too have much to be thankful for.  When I started thinking of the things and people I could be thankful for the list grew very long. Here are just a few of them;

Thank you for the many happy days spent with my Sissi Karin on outings to beautiful places.  On sunny days I would often get an unexpected message from her asking if I’d like to go out.  When she gets here we’d have no idea where we would be going.  We’d simply get into the car and allow the magic to happen.

Thank you for all my supportive friends.  Every single one has a special place in my life and heart.  One recently took care of me, while her husband took Johnny on a much needed break. Some sweep in to brighten up my days, leaving yummy surprises in my freezer, and others cook meals for us.  I am very grateful for the friend who relieved me of the stressful burden of filling out tax returns, and the ever willing and handy friend who comes up with solutions for all our practical problems.  Some friends give me spiritual guidance, another offers her photography talents to our awareness campaigns and our family.  A very special lady shares her sound knowledge and advises me on health matters.  There are those very special friends who dedicated their pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago to me and MSA, and the loyal friends and family who join our walk on MSA day every year.  Some have been with me for a life time, and other friends have come into my life recently.  I cherish my MSA Buddies on facebook, and hold my fellow patients and their families whom I've had the privilege to meet close to my heart.  Friendship is indeed a very precious gift.  

Thank for the beauty therapist, hairdresser, and dental hygienist who come out to my home to groom and treat me here.  I appreciate this privilege.

Thank you for friends and family who celebrated my birthday with me, making the day a joyous and memorable occasion.  Thank you for Karin who did most of the organising and spent the day here to keep me and everyone happy.

I am always grateful for my supportive husband and sons.  They are the centre of my earthly life.

My ark is build by my heavenly Father and stays afloat on gratitude.  With His help I will make it through this day, and all the other difficult days to come.

The bad weather ended with spectacular results; a sprinkling of snow on our beautiful mountains! 

"In the depth of winter I finally learned
that there was in me an invincible summer"
Albert Camus

James 1:17

 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.


  1. Sonja, Thanks for your inspiring post and the reminder about the importance of a grateful heart. I appreciate it so much. Your support has been encouraging! Dan

  2. Thank you Dan. Will your book be available for Kindle soon? I'm looking forward to this happening so I can read it! S

  3. I am glad you reminded me. I have never had it on Kindle, but it is available on Amazon in print form under the title "I Will Go On: Living with a Movement Disorder." I will have to see about the Kindle conversion. Thanks for your interest. Best to you! Dan

  4. Real books are a problem now - often too heavy and my sight's not good. Kindle is light and I can set font to make reading easy. Keep up the fight! Sonja

  5. So lees ek vandag: "Ek glo in die son al kom dit laat op; ek glo on liefde al is dit afwesig: ek glo in God al bly Hy stil".

  6. Dankie vir jou aanmerking. Vandag se vers vir my kom uit psalm 46:10; “Be still, and know that I am God". Liefde, S


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