Thursday, October 6, 2011


As the 3rd of October and MSA AWARENESS DAY drew nearer, Susan (my loyal friend who is caring for me whilst Johnny is away on his travels) and I kept a close eye on the weather forecasts.  This time of the year in the Cape we often have all four seasons within a week, leaving us ladies staring desperately at our wardrobes, wondering what season to dress for.

So the moment we woke up Susan went out to get the newspaper and came back with the good news of clear skies and no wind.  A beautiful morning for our walk!

When we arrived at the starting point, there were already a few people waiting and soon after the numbers increased to a small crowd.  My friend, Laurette, was ready with her camera to record this event and off we went along the beautiful beach of my hometown, Strand.  My friends took turns to push my wheelchair and much too quickly we completed the first half of the walk.

Thanks to Karin’s organisational skills (is there anything she can’t do?), Casa Del Sol opened their doors early for us and we arrived at a well- organised venue for coffee and a chat.  We spent some time there getting to know each other, posing and taking more photos and lighting lots of candles.  I also, very shakily (stress increases my tremors), attempted to read my speech of welcoming and thanking everybody.

Some of the people there have been part of my life for a long time, but I also met a couple of new friends.  My friend, Ed Lunnon and his wife Pera, from Port Elizabeth, also came to support us.  Ed is fighting his own battle with an even rarer neurological disease, CBD (Cortical Basal Degeneration) and I have learnt many lessons from the way he handles his disease.

Karin and Ed 

As I looked around at the faces around me, I realised that during the past year I have gained as much as I have lost.  I saw this group of amazing and caring people around me and I felt surrounded by their love.  Some of them had taken leave from their jobs to be there.  Others have travelled some distance to be there.  All of them cared enough to come and honour me and MSA with their support in this awareness campaign.

My friends and my family you take my breath away and you give me strength.  Thank you for this priceless gift.  I will nurture the memories of this beautiful day forever and will carry it with me through the difficult times ahead.  I am proud of you and privileged to have your support.  This event was organised on short notice, but it gave me great joy to add our, and Namibia’s miles and candles, to those of the world wide campaign.  With your help the first seeds have been sown and who knows what can grow from this by this time next year!

“Thank you Lord for blessing met with so many special people in my life”.
PS:  Thank you to my friends and family who were unable to attend the walk, but supported us walking on their own and/or lighting candles.
Thank you Laurette for the beautiful photos!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. 
Hilary Cooper



  1. Thank you for your kind words! It was such a great pleasure recording this event in photographs and on video and I am sure you will treasure these memories forever. You are a great inspiration to us all and may God spare more moments like these in the future. We dearly love you with all our hearts!

  2. I'm Still ME ♥

    Born with reddish-gold curls, and twinkling blue-green eyes
    My dad SWORE he had 'another son' - Man wasn't I a surprise!!
    Easy to laugh, outgoing, and no strangers in this Irish girl's book!
    Always singing, telling jokes, quick-witted, anything funny is ALL IT TOOK!

    Raised in a Christian Home, and made Jesus my King;
    Thrown a few life curves, but Heaven-bound, ain't gonna' miss a thing!
    Have Three Beautiful kids, and 2 granddaughters to boot;
    One's my Rosebud, the other has red curls - Ain't that a HOOT?!

    When I had my heart attacks, folks rallied round,
    "Don't Worry, Kathy - you can beat this - Don't let it getcha' down!"
    Went through 2 divorces, became a single mother.
    Let me tell you - THAT'S an experience like NO OTHER!

    Then my body starts acting all funky and weird
    People react to me like I've grown 2 heads - and a BEARD!
    Now if you LOVE ME, Please LISTEN to what I say -
    The person you know and love hasn't gone away.

    The BODY she was born into has decided to 'not play nice'
    Somedays I'm 'fine' and other days, I feel like I'm frozen in ice.
    Losing my voice, my memories, my ability to kick butt:
    That's just my BODY - it's not ME that has gotten into a rut!

    So, don't look at me with pity, grief, or fear,
    The one you all know - well, she's still RIGHT HERE.
    Try and do what Jesus does and look INSIDE and see
    Because that laughing, singing, joking girl is here - I'm Still ME ♥

    ~♥~ kwg ~♥~ for EVERYONE going through MSA, and their families. 10-11-11

  3. Kathy your words in many ways sum up my feelings. Thank you for sharing


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