Monday, May 7, 2012


You have been part of my life for only a short time, and yet you managed leave me enriched in many ways. 

Bob introduced you through facebook.  I saw pictures of you with family, with friends, and with the Bombshells fundraising team.  I admired you bravely attending functions  and wondered how you managed this despite your many physical problems?  You inspired me to try harder.  To realise that God will also provide me with the necessary strength and means to overcome the many hurdles of MSA.  In this picture of you in your purple ‘CURE MSA’ T-shirt I saw the strength and determination of a warrior in your eyes. 

I don’t know if you realised what effect you and Bob had on others.  The light of your love and devotion for each other surrounded you and warmed all around you.  The light of hope through your association with the researchers and fundraising for them, reached also us here at the southern tip of Africa.  Its brightness ignited the light in us.  A light that we hope to carry on the trail you left for us to follow.

Now you have been relieved from your broken body, and we must let you go to rest in the peace that you deserve.  Heaven has gained another MSA angel.

Dear Bob you have lost, in your own words to me, ‘your sweetheart and your hero’.  After 47 years together.  I will not attempt to fill the void left by your loss with words.  Your caring devotion to Susan was always inspiring to watch.  Despite caring for Susan 365/7, you always found the time to encourage and inform many others across the world.   Your enthusiasm and joy is infectious.  I hope that you will remain my friend for many years to come.

My prayers are with you and your family in the difficult days ahead.  

With all my love,


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