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When Karin and I started the facebook page for MSA in South Africa, Magda Erlank was the first patient to contact us.  We have become MSA buddies since then.  A couple of weeks ago her daughter, Amanda, invited us to a birthday party for Magda, where I was privileged to meet the friendly Erlank family.

The Erlanks; Linda, Hennie and Amanda

Magda was initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005 and then with MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) in 2009.

Me and Magda

Amanda, with the help of her sister, Linda, has taken the initiative to organise a group of cyclists to participate in the annual ARGUS CYCLE TOUR.  This 109 km tour is the largest timed event in the world, attracting more than 35 000 cyclist from around the globe.  The well organised tour winds its way around the beautiful scenery of the Cape Peninsula and takes place in March every year.

As a family the Erlanks have first hand experience of the general lack of knowledge in the medical and care services of MSA.  This tour will firstly serve to create awareness, and equally important, to raise funds for research.

Amanda invites cyclist to dedicate their ride in the 2013 ARGUS to MSA.  The cost would be a little more than the normal entry fee, but will include a cycle top, as well as a contribution to http://www.msatrust.org.uk/ .  There is currently no treatment to stop the progression, or a cure for this disease.  Your contribution will go for research in this field. 

As no research is being done in South Africa, the cycle shirt will bear the logo of this UK based trust. 

The package is as follow:

Cycle top (Rapid Sport)
- but please remember we are trying to raise awareness)
R1100 (incl. top)

The Argus is famous for its carnival atmosphere and offers a unique experience for the participants.  It will take place on the 10th March 2013.

Please consider it carefully and remember “A burden shared is a burden halved”.
We are riding so that people can start minding.

To register a group Amanda needs to hear from you before 22 SEPTEMBER 2012.  Please FORWARD this invitation to your friends.  


Amanda Erlank
083 444 3735


Linda Erlank
079 2755 100

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